G-Pops Birthday Polka (video)

Stair-step siblings design creativity from the beginning of their lives.  First in the mother, who juggles their personalities and basic needs 24/7.  Then among themselves when they evolve into the state of being “too-cool-for-parents” and commiserate about life as misunderstood teenagers.  Our children started young, devising stories and images to amuse each other.  Most often, they did their best to out-do each other with outlandish stories or drawings.  Much of their discarded artwork and stories found its way into my hands for safe keeping.

Now, as young adults, they “share” their creativity with one of their biggest fans:  Granddaddy, aka, G-Pop, on the occasion of his 77th birthday.  Good thing he loves them.

The Ultimate Tribute:  G-Pop’s Birthday Polka

New Art

Paint and brushes sit idle on the shelf but the camera’s lens keeps my art alive.  Found these chairs more than a year ago and with a few photoshop experiments, discovered fascinating light/dark color balances.


Two friends with fantastic boots joined me for a photo.


Race days at Loretta Lynn Ranch

Just a few photos on my mind today.  Let me know what you think.

We live in a beautiful place

Every season has its signature characteristics but Autumn’s colorful splashes on our landscapes are some of my favorites.

Free flowing streams in Lewis County, Tennessee reflect clear, blue skies. www.BeckyNewbold.com

Early morning fog rising near Leiper's Creek.


Golden yellow leaves swirl through this gorgeous Lewis County creek then away, under a nearby bridge.

Yes, living in rural Tennessee is a trade-off. We are more than willing to "give up" amenities of big city life for the daily doses of splendor just outside our door.


A day on the Tennessee River

A fun day on the river!

Whenever we can, we take a day and head for the relaxing and deep Tennessee River.  Whether water skiing, fishing or just lying in the sun, a day on the water beats a day on the couch, any time.

What’s your favorite way to spend a day? Let me know!



It put up a good fight.


And then we let him go. Beautiful colors.


We happened upon these black and turkey vultures watching an interesting scene.



A Red Tail Hawk decided he wanted to challenge the vultures for a bit of their meal.









But maybe he decided it was not worth the fight.








Black vultures and a turkey vulture on the banks of the Tennessee River.








Rocky banks along the Tennessee River are beautiful.

Every day on the Tennessee River is a good day.

My Favorite Funny Story of the Day

Fabulous friends of ours shared this funny story today!  A photographer was taking photos of their nine children when the exchange between the photographer and their young son was just too funny. Read on–it will make your day!

Before I became a photographer, I would look at other photographer’s pictures of children and thoughts about art, God, simplicity, innocence, beauty, and love would swirl through my mind.  Never ONCE did the word “WORK” enter my mind.  That’s the way it should be when you see a beautiful picture.  However, now that I’m on the other side of the camera, I know just how much work it takes to produce beautiful photographs.  When I finish a session, I’m often sweaty, dirty and worn out.  I’ve been climbing up on unstable objects and lying in insect infested grass to get the shots I want.  Photographing children…read more


Busy Summer

Gorgeous summer thunderheads

Wow, what a hot, busy summer this has been.  The addition of a grandbaby to our family along with the exciting business of magazine publishing has kept me on the go.  While I do not have a large assortment of exciting photos ready to upload, just wanted to pop in for a moment to say all is good.  Keep up with some of my work at ValidityMag.com.

Thanks for checking in!  Be sure to leave a comment so I know you were here.

During Lent…

During the season of Lent, I visited Christ Our Hope Reformed Episcopal Church in Westpoint, Tennessee.  What a beautiful place in a peaceful setting.

Christ Our Hope Reformed Episcopal Church alter during Lent.