G-Pops Birthday Polka (video)

Stair-step siblings design creativity from the beginning of their lives.  First in the mother, who juggles their personalities and basic needs 24/7.  Then among themselves when they evolve into the state of being “too-cool-for-parents” and commiserate about life as misunderstood teenagers.  Our children started young, devising stories and images to amuse each other.  Most often, they did their best to out-do each other with outlandish stories or drawings.  Much of their discarded artwork and stories found its way into my hands for safe keeping.

Now, as young adults, they “share” their creativity with one of their biggest fans:  Granddaddy, aka, G-Pop, on the occasion of his 77th birthday.  Good thing he loves them.

The Ultimate Tribute:  G-Pop’s Birthday Polka

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